A warm welcome to our travelogue!
Thank you for coming to share in our experiences as we journey across the world together. Feel free to share your own experiences with us, and make yourself feel home around here 🙂
Cheers, Brian & Rach

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About us

Hi guys! We’re Brian and Rach, starting this travelogue together to archive and share fond memories from our travels together.

The idea of creating a travel guide was conceived after missing our train by seconds, for the first time on all our travels. This memoir would serve to remind us that every hiccup on our trip is an opportunity for us to grow and learn, and also that in all things, our Daddy God is watching over us each step of the way.

Our first travel guide was started on a train from Bohumín to Warszawa Centralna on 22nd August 2016. Housed in a simple word document, it details our takeaways from the lessons we’ve learnt on these trips together across Europe, together with reviews of the cities we have been to. As the word document grows, we decided to start this blog.

We hope our travelogue will be useful for anyone embarking on exciting journeys of their own – whether for work, education or leisure. Enjoy and bon voyage!

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Our Travel Philosophy

Food • History • Locals

We relish each of our travels as a cultural experience and seek to learn more about the local way of life, from past to present.

We believe that food forms an important part of a culture, telling stories about the traditions, preferences and social norms of unique groups and has the power to bring people – similar or different – together. Beyond the usual tourist “must-sees”, exploring a city’s streets is what really excites us, as we interact with the locals and observe what’s in a day for them.

Balancing exciting urban action with relaxing nature trips on our wanderlust journeys, we’re ambitious to take in all a culture has to offer.

Throughout each (might we say, exhilarating) trip, it’s the learning, loving and sharing that counts.

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Something’s brewing

Remember our first travel guide?
We have started to share about the trips we’ve gone on during our 5 months in Europe (30 European cities!), as well as tips on how we tried to make the best out of our Exchange Programme 🙂

Watch this space!

In the meantime, relive our recent travels…
Day Trips from Berne, Switzerland
Berne, Switzerland
Innsbruck, Austria
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