About us

Hi guys! We’re Brian and Rach, starting this travelogue together to archive and share fond memories from our travels together.

The idea of creating a travel guide was conceived after missing our train by seconds, for the first time on all our travels. This memoir would serve to remind us that every hiccup on our trip is an opportunity for us to grow and learn, and also that in all things, our Daddy God is watching over us each step of the way.

Our first travel guide was started on a train from Bohumín to Warszawa Centralna on 22nd August 2016. Housed in a simple word document, it details our takeaways from the lessons we’ve learnt on these trips together across Europe, together with reviews of the cities we have been to. As the word document grows, we decided to start this blog.

We hope our travelogue will be useful for anyone embarking on exciting journeys of their own – whether for work, education or leisure. Enjoy and bon voyage!