As the capital city of Bavaria, Munich is a blend of the old and new. Skyscrapers stand alongside gothic and renaissance architecture, unlike the other ultramodern German cities. Munich is also a culinary destination, with its delicious Bavarian cuisine and beer. Season visited: Summer (Jun 2014, Aug 2016) Time we spent here: 4 nights (1st … Continue reading Munich



  Berlin is a modern, developed city with a rich history. German history is relatively well-known and hence easier to relate to, so it’s really interesting to visit the many attractions dedicated to its history, where you will see for yourselves what we learnt from the textbooks 🙂 Season visited: Summer (Jun 2014), Autumn (Oct … Continue reading Berlin

Day trips from Berne, Switzerland

A highlight of going to Switzerland is to be able to experience unparalleled views of nature - the freshest air, luscious greenery and majestic mountains. While these elements are arguably available elsewhere, it's indescribable how Switzerland's is just one of a kind. If you can help it, never leave without experiencing the Swiss country for … Continue reading Day trips from Berne, Switzerland

Berne, Switzerland

It’s a city to go to if you want to chill - fresh air (if you walk further from the train station), atmospheric architecture and beautiful views, friendly people....We really loved the Old Town. Having said that, we wouldn't advocate plans to spend too much time within the city itself because it might get boring. … Continue reading Berne, Switzerland

Vienna, Austria + Daytrip

Travelling to what was once the heart of Europe was a really exciting thought for us, and indeed the city emerged one of our fond favourite cities amongst all our travels!  Just across the border from an almost completely modern-looking Germany, we really loved how the old and new seemed to harmonise so well here … Continue reading Vienna, Austria + Daytrip