As the capital city of Bavaria, Munich is a blend of the old and new. Skyscrapers stand alongside gothic and renaissance architecture, unlike the other ultramodern German cities. Munich is also a culinary destination, with its delicious Bavarian cuisine and beer. Season visited: Summer (Jun 2014, Aug 2016) Time we spent here: 4 nights (1st [...]


Day trips from Berne, Switzerland

A highlight of going to Switzerland is to be able to experience unparalleled views of nature - the freshest air, luscious greenery and majestic mountains. While these elements are arguably available elsewhere, it's indescribable how Switzerland's is just one of a kind. If you can help it, never leave without experiencing the Swiss country for [...]

Vienna, Austria + Daytrip

Travelling to what was once the heart of Europe was a really exciting thought for us, and indeed the city emerged one of our fond favourite cities amongst all our travels!  Just across the border from an almost completely modern-looking Germany, we really loved how the old and new seemed to harmonise so well here [...]